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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve

So this is my post for Christmas Eve:

What I did: So I just got back from Michael's house at his parents dirty santa party thing. It was fun. There were alot of people, most of whom I had met (Julian, David A., of course, Alan etc.). Before that though, I went to church (a rare occurence) for the communion thing and candle-lighting. That was the majority of my day. I was supposed to go with dad and check out recording equipment (something to convert from analog to digital via firewire) but I didn't get up early enough.

The computer side: There always has to be some computer side to the day, and this time there were in fact several.

First, I reinstalled windows XP on my vaio, and had to install several drivers to get it working properly.

Second, Michael apparently experienced a problem with a Sony disc, who's files were securely DRMed. I am still finding a definite fix for this (although I did run a program which was supposed to remove the copy protection from his computer).

And last, but certainly greatest of all: The new website's sever has FINALLY been approved. I'm still working on uploading it, and I think that the transfer is still taking place, but I hope to have it up by the end of the night (or at worst, by the end of tommorow). And I hope to throw in a little goody (you'll have to check it out to see).


New Computer

Well. The title may be a little bit misleading. It's not quite a new computer, but rather simply that I reinstalled XP on my vaio. It works so much better now.

Unfortunately, Windows didn't recognize all of my devices immediately, so I had to manually download the drivers (which is really no trouble at all). I think my graphics card isn't installed because the scrolling is weird (kinda jumpy).

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Flock with Performancing Extension

I've loved and used Flock for a long time. It's a great browser and has many wonderful features. Unfortunately, it's blogging feature is not one of it's strongest.

I am currently typing this post on a Firefox extension called Performancing. It is a handy and quick tool for posting to your blog. Flock's blog editor is still slow and cumbersome, and although visually pleasing, very stubborn. You can find the extension ported to Flock on the Flockd site.

Unfortunately, performancing does not support adding Technorati tags to your post, a feature which I found most useful on Flock.

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